Friday, October 5, 2007

Word of the Day -- Shui

Shui means water, in Chinese. Our athletes and honored guests have to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It's hot here and some of us are still adjusting to jet lag and life in another country. Water helps -- but it's not safe to drink the local tap water. The Chinese have provided lots of bottled water. There are cases of it everywhere.

Generally, the bottled water is not as cold as we like it in the US. Some is refrigerated, but the fridge temps aren't as chilly as we keep them at home. Adding ice to your drink isn't sucha great idea, either. You can't really be sure the ice you get is from purified water.

Speaking of water, it's good to use lots of it to wash your hands frequently. We're also carrying handi-wipes and hand sanitizer to keep us healthy. The bathroom facilities are pretty clean, albeit not all toilets are like the ones we have at home (more on that later). Sometimes it's hard to find soap or paper towels in the bathrooms. Hardy Alaskans that we are, we've come prepared!

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