Saturday, September 29, 2007

Math activity: How much does it cost?

China's currency (money) is called yuan, also known as renminbi, which translates to "people's currency." When shopping in China, you cannot use US money. You have to get the bank to change your US dollars into yuan. You can also get yuan from the ATM.

This morning I went to the ATM and took out 200 yuan. I went shopping, but I had to figure out what things cost by doing some math. See if you can figure out what some common items cost in US dollars.

Every US dollar is the same as about 7.5 yuan.
1 US dollar = 7.5 yuan

When you want to know how much something in China costs in US dollars, DIVIDE the price by 7.5.
Here's an example -- A snack costs 15 yuan. How much does it cost in US dollars?
15 yuan / 7.5 = 2 dollars

If you like, you can try estimating, but just dividing by 7. That's what I do while shopping.

Here are some examples for you to try (see these items online at

Candy-14.90 yuan = ______________ US dollars

Backpack-79 yuan = ______________ US dollars

Lego Bionicle-75 yuan= ______________ US dollars

Barbie - 148 yuan= ______________ US dollars

Melon - 2.5 yuan = ______________ US dollars

Shoes, skater style - 59 yuan = ______________ US dollars

In-line skates - 128 yuan = ______________ US dollars

Cell phone-3318 yuan =______________ US dollars

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